It is vital to the community of Hope Lutheran that we remain relevant and integrated into our community.  It is equally vital for us to live a life that represents our faith that offers hope and welcome to everyone we meet. 

Our mission at Hope Lutheran Church in Riverside, CA is to:

Live into the ideal that Jesus leads us.

To welcome and respect all people,

To grow in our whole being as gospel ministers,

To equip children for life in the Christian heritage,

To serve human needs in our community,

And to worship God in word, in song, and in life.

Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. We are not a perfect church or people, but we are a place perfect for real people.   All people are welcomed and affirmed here

HOpe Lutheran Church, Pacifica Synod, E.L.C.A

Hope’s Food Pantry Hours for June 16th and June 23rd will be 9:30 am – 11:30 am every Wednesday. Starting June 30th, our Summer Hours will be 8:30 am – 10:30 am. If you have any questions, please email office@hoperiverside.org. Thank you.


“Our connection to others is what binds us to life.”
– Patrick Arbore

Institute on Aging’s 24-hour toll-free Friendship Line is the only accredited crisis line in the country for people aged 60 years and older, and adults living with disabilities. We also make on-going outreach calls to lonely older adults. While there are other organizations that respond to the needs of people who may be contemplating suicide, none provides the type of services that IOA’s Friendship Line offers to respond to the public health problem of suicide among the elderly. Knowing that older people do not contact traditional suicide prevention centers on a regular basis even if they are considering suicide, we created the only program nationwide that reaches out to lonely, depressed, isolated, frail and/or suicidal older adults. Our trained volunteers specialize in offering a caring ear and having a friendly conversation with depressed older adults. Call TOLL FREE: 1-800-971-0016