Please Join us for a special Outdoor Worship on Sunday, October 25th for Reformation Sunday. Please bring your own chair if you are able. Please wear a mask, and observe social distancing.

Join us following our Reformation Sunday Worship for a special Vitality Survey. The Rev Goellrich from the Pacifica Synod/ELCA will be administering the survey. It will help us gain insight into how YOU feel about Hope, and what our future will look like. If you are unable to attend, and would still like to participate, please email by Monday, October 19, 2020 to have a survey mailed out to you.

Thank You!


“Our connection to others is what binds us to life.”
– Patrick Arbore

Institute on Aging’s 24-hour toll-free Friendship Line is the only accredited crisis line in the country for people aged 60 years and older, and adults living with disabilities. We also make on-going outreach calls to lonely older adults. While there are other organizations that respond to the needs of people who may be contemplating suicide, none provides the type of services that IOA’s Friendship Line offers to respond to the public health problem of suicide among the elderly. Knowing that older people do not contact traditional suicide prevention centers on a regular basis even if they are considering suicide, we created the only program nationwide that reaches out to lonely, depressed, isolated, frail and/or suicidal older adults. Our trained volunteers specialize in offering a caring ear and having a friendly conversation with depressed older adults. Call TOLL FREE: 1-800-971-0016

HOPE Community

Hope is all about community. Every person who walks through our digital doors is important to us. We have a long tradition of outreach and service to our members and community. To learn more about our congregation, the E.L.C.A., our staff, and our faith statements and action in the world, investigate our menu at the top of the screen. To learn more about what is happening now at Hope, scroll down to the blog posts at the bottom of this page.

COVID-19 is changing our communities rapidly, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest news and resources. Here at the top of the screen we have dedicated a page to the resources and news that we find most helpful. Please feel free to email the Hope office directly at if there is a way we can be of assistance.

For minute-by-minute changes, please see our Facebook page.

Hope believes strongly in good stewardship in all areas of our lives. We also recognize that we live in a world where money is a significant commodity. Financial gifts to Hope finance ministry in the world through pastoral care, sacramental life, education, counseling, and support. Additionally, a portion is sent to our higher church, the E.L.C.A.. While a portion of this money is used to pay salary for administration, teachers, and bishops, it is more importantly, used by the E.L.C.A. to fund important care for the world through programs like malaria nets, HIV medication, wells for communities without water, humanitarian crisis response, education programs, Lutheran Disaster Relief, and more. To learn more about how we use financial support as a whole church, visit

Offering is an important part of our lives as Christians. As a steward, or caregiver of all that God gave us, we are invited to return a portion to God’s work in the world. We invite you to click on the large “GIVE” link above and share in the work we do in the world.

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