Express your top COVID-19 priorities with a customized letter to Congress through the ELCA Action Center.Since the CARES Act was passed in March of this year, Congress has been unable to pass any new economic or emergency relief in response to the impacts of the coronavirus. But this week, Congress and White House leaders have restarted talks on making a new compromise before the end of the year. This is a critical moment for faith leaders across the country to contact their lawmakers AGAIN to urge a new deal soon.

If a new spending deal is not passed soon, due to several upcoming deadlines, the start of the New Year could have disastrous fiscal consequences for the millions of Americans facing hunger, housing insecurity and lack of employment. Federal unemployment insurance assistance is set to run out on December 26 of this year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention moratorium temporarily halting evictions and keeping families in homes will end on December 31, compounding hardships. Meanwhile, low-income immigrant households have failed to see any assistance, while states across the country are meeting staggering budget shortfalls. All of these factors combined could lead to a new eviction and foreclosure crisis as we grapple with further raising COVID-19 infection rates and crippling blows to the U.S. economy.

Over the course of the pandemic, houses of worship have served faithfully helping those of us in the greatest need. You can help amplify that action by calling for meaningful assistance in our policies and structures.Review some topline issues facing those of us in the greatest need.Write your own customized letter to your lawmakers with your top concerns – urging them to take action BEFORE the end of the year.Share this message with your friends, family and fellow advocates – be sure they take action before the end of this week!As negotiators meet, this is our last chance for meaningful action this year. Take action and send your own message to Congress through the ELCA Action Center today. Thank you.Go to the Action Alert to write your letter today!