Hope Lutheran Church is for the whole community. While we are required to have formal membership as a non-profit religious entity, we do not place emphasis on it. Everyone recieves the same level of pastoral care and support, welcome to events, and ability to participate in our community.

However, membership does have three benefits:

  • reduced or free funeral and wedding services
  • voting privilage (in congregtional meetings)
  • right to serve on council (make business decisions for the church)

Active membership is attained by affirmation of faith/ baptism and is maintained by meeting 2 requirements each year: attendance/communion and contribution of note (giving time, talent, or finances).

Inactive members are removed from membership the third year of activity. Members may reactivate their memebership by meeting the guidelines for active members and reaffirming their faith to the congregation.

Reference: Hope Lutheran Church Consitution and Bylaws

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