Reflections- April 16, 2020

Life is a Line
 (for now)

It is 7:15 on Friday morning. My husband and I are standing in the early entry senior citizen line at our local grocery store. The opening time is 7:45 and the line is already down the sidewalk and around the corner.

Entry time was a bit touchy from frustrated and anxious customers. We were greeted by a cheerful on-the-spot employee. A manager called out, “no paper products, no flour, eggs, milk, or fresh butcher meats. Several people left the line.
The six feet distancing rule is not evident in our senior line. We came with ID. The picture alone is a sure give away of your age. The chuckle in line was about who really was a senior, just guessing by their hair color. The multiple response was  “we’ll see when the hair dye is gone”.

Just a week later, on a Friday night, there was no line and the mandatory mask and gloves rule was not strictly enforced. Once inside, visible blue tape lines on the floor indicated six foot distancing. Employees were handing out disinfected wipes for the carts. Some shelves were adequately stocked while others remained empty.

When not in line at the grocery store, we are at the church food pantry with other volunteers wearing homemade masks and blue gloves. Two days a week, Hope has the opportunity to provide this much needed community outreach service. Observing the six feet distancing requirement, our guests wait patiently in line for volunteers to gather their needful request for food and personal care items. As some of the volunteers are working to stock the shelves and put fresh items from Feeding America in the freezer or refrigerator, others are bagging fresh donated oranges and avocados.

Each week you can see the toll that this COVID 19 pandemic is taking. The worry, stress and anxiety can be seen on the faces of the growing number of guests that we are passionate to serve.

Volunteering at our food pantry for a few weeks now, we have a deeper, more thankful appreciation for ALL frontline angels and heroes who minute by minute demonstrate their deep love for others and a desire to make a difference. As there are many frontline people there are also many behind the scenes people working tirelessly with determined resolve to support each other and pull together to give relief and hope for a Son filled tomorrow.

Submitted by
Shelly Palestis

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