Reflections – April 9, 2020

Uncertain Times

There is a thief among us.  Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID 19) is everywhere. This infectious thief knows no boundaries and threatens our very way of life. Avoiding person to person contact and social distancing, within six feet, has become the new normal.   Typical of a thief, he is sneaky and all to often goes unnoticed in our homes and communities. We can limit the survival of the virus (thief) in our environment by cleaning with disinfectant plus frequent hand washing.

Exhausted, but diligent around the clock scientific research and a myriad of individuals, corporations, and military resources have gathered in response to eliminating and destroying this deadly thief who has created this pandemic.

Faith communities around the world are on high alert for this threatening thief. Churches, worship centers, and religious gathering places are mandated to close and shelter in place. However we gather, we are one in Christ.

In response to these directives from our state and government as well as our Synod, Hope Lutheran in Riverside has put forth a herculean effort to stay in touch and communicate with all in need of food and faith-based assurance through live human contact via YouTube and Zoom. This is a tangible way to stay vigilant, help ease loneliness and isolation that has become a growing concern.   

Sunday morning Pastor Kelly became visible electronically. After numerous hiccups and much needed techno-savvy faithful partners, thankfully she was able to go forward with the Gospel message from John, chapter 11.

Jesus’ friend Lazarus had died. Jesus expressed his grief just as many of us have through these uncertain times, through tears. Jesus wept (v: 35). He was deeply moved and troubled. Pastor Kelly is also deeply moved and troubled by this rampant thief (virus).

Weary from wearing too many hats, she gives us heart-felt assurance that we can continue to reach out to others by phone, skype, video chat and prayers. As we offer up prayers for Pastor Kelly, Lance and their family, friends and loved ones, we are compelled by our faith in the Apostles’ Creed to go with God and serve the Lord anyway we can.  

Submitted by: Shelley Palestis

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