From the Pacifica SynodSeptember 7, 2020

Dear members and friends of the Pacifica Synod,
It appears that once again, there are emails being sent from a person representing themselves as Bishop Andy. Religious organizations have become easy targets for these types of scams, which take advantage of people’s generosity. 

Just a reminder, no one on the synod staff will ever email you asking for you to send money, gift cards, perform “some tasks” for them, click a link to learn more, or include a vague message asking for a “favor” and for you to respond immediately . You can hover your cursor over the sender’s email address (without clicking it) to view the address of the true sender or call the synod office if you are in doubt. Valid email addresses for all synod staff members include their full name
Please delete such emails and don’t reply back or click on any links contained within the message. For more information from the FCC on these types of emails, please click the link below.

How to Recognize and Avoid Phishing Scams – FCC

In Christ,            

The Staff of the Pacifica Synod