January  2021

Dear Members of Hope Lutheran Church,

We wish each and every one of you the blessings of faith, health, love, and security for 2021.  After this past year, we know how precious each of these gifts are and we pray that we will never take them for granted.

Against the backdrop of the tumultuous 2020, Hope Lutheran is looking to determine a path forward.
‘For I know the plans I have for you’, declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’  Jeremiah 29:11

Our Church Council is concerned that with the continuing COVID restrictions, we are missing the opportunity to connect with each other. This connection can be in the form of sharing communion, greeting and comforting each other, and sharing in the work and missions of Hope.  Our church council members will be contacting each of you to see if:

  1. We can assist in delivering communion to you if you are not in a position to attend our monthly outdoor services.
  2. We can assist you in connecting with our services online. As part of this offer, we would like to know if our members are taking advantage of the online option.
  3. We can assist you with resources or just a conversation of caring as we deal with our isolation.
  4. If we can ask your assistance with Hope going forward. The hard listening, praying, and frankly, work that is involved in deciding Hope’s future cannot be accomplished by a handful of people. We are in need of:
  1. Financial commitment for 2021.  Even in these uncertain times, and perhaps especially in these uncertain times, we need to plan for Hope’s future.  Please consider what you can pledge to Hope for 2021. You may make your pledge by clicking HERE: Covenant Card 2021 or by printing and mailing your pledge amount on the card provided in this email to Hope Lutheran Church, Riverside 2882 Arlington, Riverside CA 92506. You may also call the Hope Office at (951) 684-2205, or email the Hope Office at
  1. Volunteer Support. We are in need of
    1. A Property Manager. The Property Manager is responsible for arranging and reporting on the care and maintenance of the church landscape and the cleanliness and maintenance of the church buildings.  We have already engaged J & J Landscaping Service to care for the grounds on a weekly basis and Kathy Bocian will facilitate communications with this company. We are in need of someone who can become familiar with the needs and everyday expenses of the maintenance and upkeep of Hope.
    2. A Stewardship Chair. The Stewardship Chair is responsible for overseeing the annual giving communication to the congregation, communicating to the Council the status of pledges, and following up with members to fulfill their pledges.

We will be communicating with each of you directly very soon. These matters weigh heavily on the shoulders of our council members and we pray for your support.

But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Our next outdoor worship service will be Sunday, January 31st at 10:00 AM in the patio area outside of the Gathering Place. Our Annual Congregational Meeting will be Sunday, February 28th immediately following the 10:00 AM worship service. At that time we will be approving the minutes, approving the Council slate, presenting and approving the budget and presenting the analysis from the Vitality Survey conducted by Pacifica Synod.

With blessings to you all.

Hope Lutheran Church Council


 toward the work of Hope in the local, regional, national, and international care.

Offering is an important part of our lives as Christians. As a steward, or caregiver of all that God gave us, we are invited to return a portion to God’s work in the world. We invite you to click on the large link above and share in the work we do in the world.

Hope believes strongly in good stewardship. To that end, we dedicate to grow our giving to our higher church offices each year. We are currently at 5% with a goal of a true tithe of 10%. While a portion of this money is used to pay salary for administration, teachers, and bishops, it is more importantly, used by the ELCA to fund important care for the world through programs like malaria nets, HIV medication, wells for communities without water, humanitarian crisis response, education programs, Lutheran Disaster Relief, and more.