The Blessing of Clean Drinking Water

Cholita (third from the left) reads prayers of dedication at the start of well-boring operations.

The Brahmaputra River, one of the great waterways of India, flows through the state of Assam and into Bangladesh. But this doesn’t mean the people living along the river are blessed with water. The people of Konsaigaon, in particular, have always had to walk far from their homes to get water. They often have to drink unsafe water, which causes gastrointestinal diseases that can be fatal.

Gaining access to the best water source meant building a road into the hills for equipment to be brought in, and pipes had to be laid to reach the village. Work commenced in mid-May, with a young volunteer, Cholita, managing the project. Within days, workers struck water almost 800 feet below ground. The water is pure, reported Bishop Ichahak Muchahary of the Bodo Evangelical Lutheran Church. “It’s been a great day of blessing to those living in that place. Hallelujah,” he said.

This new water source will directly affect 300 villagers. But the effects will reach much further, with some 10,000 indirect beneficiaries, including those attending church trainings, meetings and seminars at the church mission point there. Read more stories in Global Mission Updates here.