Hope has a long history of welcoming community groups to use our facilities. From 12 step meetings, to other congregations and interest groups, it is our joy to share our space at significantly reduced rates of donation (to keep the lights on!) in order to create a strong community.

Currently we have Girl Scouts meeting every other Monday Evening at 6 pm.

Hope is also hosting locally-run Mindful Body Bootcamp beginning December 2, 2019!

Mindful Body Bootcamp is here to help you feel like your best self!  We believe that by connecting our mind and body through fitness, wellness, and nutrition, we can help nourish the WHOLE person!  We will be meeting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:00am for a 45 minute fitness class located at Hope Lutheran Church in the designated parking lot area.  Mindful Body Bootcamp is self-care with some sweat!  

If you are interested in participating, reach out to Nicole Fannin  and Anna McIntire at the link below:

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