The Council of Hope serves to make daily decisions on the business and life of the congregation and to uphold the policies and procedures set by the congregational bylaws.  It is currently an 11 member council, including the Pastor.  Excepting the Pastor, the members of council are all volunteer and voted into office during the annual congregational meeting. One must be a voting member in good standing to serve on council. 

The executive committee of the council is comprised of the Pastor, President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Each meet monthly, however, all council members are committed to serve our community and congregation daily.  If you have interest in supporting the particular area of ministry they lead, they would love to hear from you. 

Council President

Stephanie Johnson elected beginning 2019 holds the position of Council President.  She is new to the position and council and brings previous board experience and enthusiasm.

Vice President

Elected January 2019, Patti Caskey is our new VP. She has experience in the financial world as a CPA and is one of our newer members.


Larry Stumpf is our steadfast treasurer.  He works diligently to ensure we are keeping to budget and aware of our financial responsibilities.  He is retired Air Force and is deeply committed to the mission of Hope Lutheran.  


position open!


Larry Dodson was elected in 2018.  He leads a team of quick and responsive members who care for everything from running toilets to roof leaks.  He is a Master Gardener and we are thrilled to have his expertise in our gardens. 

Evangelism & Social Concerns

open. If you are interested in how we minister to the world through food, fellowship, and support then please visit with any council member or Pastor Kelly.

Congregational Life

Connie Fortier is our fearless leader in all things fun and connecting for our community. From Game Nights to Young Adult and Experienced Adult outings, she plans it all and executes events seamlessly with her team of energetic volunteers. 


Elected in 2019, Frances Snorek helps us remember to be good stewards of all God has given us- not just our money.  She lifts up the ministries of each part of our congregation as precious gifts of the body of Christ. 


Elected in 2019, Stacie Snorek grew up at Hope, she is excited to be sharing her wisdom and enthusiasm for learning with our congregation.


open. With a thriving worship team, this is probably one the heartiest teams on campus. From planning worship using all our senses to teaching why we do what we do in worship, this team is essential for a seamless worship experience. If you enjoy worship, consider either serving on the team or being the council co-ordinator.