During COVID-19 Restrictions, Worship is every Sunday at 9 am on our YouTube channel

What to expect:  Our worship follows an order of service called a liturgy.  Everything we do and sing is in this order of worship- so it is fairly easy to follow along.  It is currently modified with communion offered every-other Sunday. Online Worship guides can be found here.

We celebrate open communion, that means that if you believe the bread and wine are signs of God’s forgiveness for your sins through Jesus Christ, you are invited to participate.  While we encourage baptism first, it is not required.  If you are interested in more information on Baptism or communion, we regularly schedule classes on both and would be thrilled to be part of your journey in each. 

About our worship style…

Lutherans follow a church year that begins the first Sunday of Advent, usually around December 1. The year is filled with special seasons and Sundays, such as the Day of Pentecost and the Season of Pentecost.  It is largely broken up into 3 parts:

Advent- Christmas Seasons which prepare for and then celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ; Lent-Easter Seasons which prepare for and eventually celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as our risen Savior; and finally the Season of Pentecost or “ordinary time” which runs from early summer into late fall.  Click here to learn about our seasons and festival days.  

If this is your first time to our website, or if you are looking for a place to call home, we invite you to join us for worship on YouTube at 9 am every Sunday. At this time, communion is held every-other Sunday, and is open to all who believe. Children are ALWAYS welcome during services. To follow along with Sunday’s service, visit our online guide HERE. We are excited to have you worship with us!

Many congregations also follow a lectionary cycle for Bible passages used in worship, the most common of which is the Revised Common Lectionary, which Hope currently uses.  It follows a three year cycle, labeled A, B, and C.  In 2020 we are in Year A.  Readings may be found for the year at the the ELCA lectionary link.

The ELCA commonly uses the Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnal, also known as “the Cranberry Book.”  There are several liturgy settings in it for various seasons and many hymns.  We also use liturgies by Marty Haugen, With One Voice and more, along with their music.  The music and settings are always listed in the bulletin in case you are curious.  

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